Teacher of the Year

2015 - 2016

Mr. Medina

Serjio Medina was voted Smith Academy's 2015 - 2016 Teacher of the Year.


Isela GarciaIsela Garcia Vazquez was voted Smith Academy's 2015 - 2016 Bilingual Teacher of the Year. Her philosophy of education is as follows:

"My mission as a teacher is to provide the students with the necessary academic tools so that one day they can be successful and find a valid reason to be productive. With bilingual education we reaffirm the culture of our students because language is the easiest way tperceive the emotional expressions of the students.  With this we affirm their culture and we provide them with security so that the student can develop intellectual skills and explore their intellectual capacities." ~ Mrs. Isela Garcia Vazquez

Dolexia Allen was voted Smith Academy's 2015 - 2016 ESL Teacher of the Year. Her philosophy of education is as follows:
Mrs. Allen

"As an educator, I am a strong believer in the “self fulfilling prophecy.” The “self fulfilling 

prophecy” states that students will only work to the level that we as teachers expect them to work to. All of my life I have been an optimistic person. Therefore, I can easily relate to this statement.

So, what is my job as a teacher? My job is to teach a child and expect him/her to succeed at their highest level. I start each day expecting and requiring nothing but the best from my students. I believe all children can learn and improve. I believe all children enjoy learning and want to better themselves. The more fun and engaging the learning, the higher the level of learning for the student. I strive to make learning fun, engaging, and relevant to my students. I strive to develop the whole child. We work on social and emotional competence in addition to the academic curriculum. It is not enough to simply teach a child to pass a test. I do not want students to come to school and feel as though they are going through the motions. They have to be an effective conductor in their learning. My goal is to teach, pass the baton, and watch the students run with it!" ~ Mrs. Dolexia Allen